Evangelistic Affairs of Peter Youngren

Pastor Peter founded World Impact Ministries, and has since conducted Gospel Festivals that have drawn up to 600,000 people in one service. More than 15 million have received follow up material for new believers. 310,000 pastors have received training through Gospel Revolution Seminars that focus on the finished work of Christ and the Gospel of God’s grace.
Since 2009 Peter operates Canada’s largest total Christian television channel, Grace TV.
As founder of World Impact Ministries, Grace TV, World Impact Bible Institute, Way of Peace, and the Toronto International Celebration Church, Canada, Peter is committed to Gospel Advancement that will bring the truth of what Christ has done to every person- 7 BILLION SOULS; ONE AT A TIME.

Here are several unique ministry practices of Pastor Peter Youngren:

Un-reached People Groups

World Impact Ministries (WIM) prioritizes Gospel Festivals in regions with unreached people groups.

Solid Gospel Proclamation

Peter Youngren’s preaching to non-Christian audiences focuses on God revealed in the flesh in Jesus, the Cross, the Resurrection, and Jesus’ present day ministry through the Holy Spirit.

Miracle Evidence

Amazing miracles are reported nightly, with a particularly powerful effect on those from a non-Christian background.

Outreach to Political Leaders

Key political leaders, mayors, governors, prime ministers, presidents, military commanders, etc. are reached. This brings maximum effect for the Gospel.

Outreach to Leaders of Other Religions

Friendship Dinners are conducted one or two days before the Gospel Festival in the stadium begins. Peter shares the Gospel and answers questions.

Training of Pastors

3-4 days Training Seminars for pastors and leaders are conducted.

A Welcoming Approach Towards People of Other Religions

The Gospel is presented uncompromisingly, but in an attitude of friendship. The fundamental doctrines of Christ are shared in a way that can be understood cross-culturally.


A well-coordinated effort between all the co-operating churches.

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